21. VI 2016
More copies have been sold. To obtain one, please, contact
The Concert Tour 2016 and the Media sections of this blog have been updated to reflect the latest concerts and media appearances of the musicians.

2. VI 2016
One more copy has been claimed, 72 remain!

Week or 9. V 2016
Our plane tickets have been purchased, our accommodation confirmed, our rehearsals are scheduled, a press-conference in Plovdiv and a radio show appearance in Sofia were confirmed. We are doing corrections on the first book draft.

26. IV 2016
Disques Benedictus obtained the ISRC codes for the CD tracks. We approved the final edits and mixes.

22. IV 2016
Our plane tickets are purchased and we received our first printed publicity materials for our Paris concert.

16 IV 2016
Our tour programme is set! Click HERE to see what we will perform in different cities.

14 IV 2016
We had our last CD recording session in Studio 451 in Verdun.

18 III 2016
We received a phone call from His Excellency, the catholic bishop of Vermont, Msg Routhier, who invited Project Fables2016 to give a concert on Friday, August 19, 2016, at 7 PM at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Burlington, Vermont, USA. This is the fifth confirmed concert of our tour in a fourth country.

8. III 2016
We are very excited to welcome two painters to our team, Nina Zlateva and Iliya Borisov, who art will contribute to the illustration of the book. They happen to be related to Nikolai Fol and Alexandra Fol. You can visit their joint website HERE and read their biographies HERE.

4. III 2016
One more copy claimed, 74 remain!
Two painters have joined our team, Nina Zlateva and Iliyan Borisov, who also have a family connection to Nikolai Fol and Alexandra Fol

3. III 2016
Copy number 25 has been preordered, 75 remain!

12. II 2016
Fourth concert confirmed in a third country, Canada! It will take place on Wednesday, August 10th 2016 at 6:30 PM in Christ Church Cathedral in Montréal as part of the Oasis Musicale series.

11. II 2016
The four Disques Benedictus musicians recorded Ravel’s “Chansons Madécasses” in Studio 451 in Verdun today. Jean-Pierre Couturier and Alexandra Fol also recorded “Five Mystical Songs” by Williams.

9. II 2016
Revue Laudem No. 52, p. 16, un aperçu du disque par Lucie Mayer
Revue_Laudem, preview

8. II 2016
The Disques Benedictus musicians rehearsed “Chansons madécasses” today for the upcoming recording on Thursday.

19. I 2016
“Chansons madécasses” by Ravel will be recorded on February 11th, 2016 at Studio451 with flutist Jeffrey Stonehouse and violoncellist Viviana Gosselin.

16. I. 2016
Today, Saturday, Prof. Dr. Valeria Fol presented project Fables2016, among other issues, during her two-hour long visit for the “Night horizon” radio show at the Bulgarian National Radio from midnight to 2 AM. You can hear the exceprt by clicking HERE.

14. I. 2016
We returned to the Basilique-cathédrale catholique Marie-Reine-du-Monde with Jean-Paul Desjardins to record Tre canti sacri by Alfredo Casella.

11. I. 2016
One more concert of Fables2016 is confirmed for
June 14, 2016, at the Hungarian cultural institute in Sofia, Bulgaria.

5. I. 2016
The first two concerts of our international tour are confirmed!
June 10, 2016, at the Bulgarian cultural institute in Paris, France
June 17, 2016, at the TrakArt gallery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This concert will open the Week of Thracian Culture.

3. I. 2016
La Presse+ a publié un article aujourd’hui sur le bénévolat que Jean-Pierre Couturier fait hébdomadairement pour les sans-abri assisté par Alexandra Fol. Le Projet Fables2016 a été aussi mentionné (photo incluse ci-dessous)! Vous pouvez accéder au texte complet en cliquant ICI Pourtant, pour voir toutes les photos vous avez besoin d’une tablette.


16. XII 2015
Copie numéro 24 a été réservée, 76 restent!

15. XII 2015
Merci à Jean-Paul Desjardins pour son excellent travail! Nous avons enregistré à la cathédrale-basilique Marie-Reine-du-Monde. On reprend le travail après le Jour de l’An!

13. XI 2015
Another copy has been claimed, 77 remain! The duo has started rehearsing at the organ at Marie-Reine-du-Monde.

5. XI 2015
The works by Ives and Martin will be recorded at the Basilique-Cathédral de Montréal Marie-Reine-du-Monde on December 14th, 2015, by Jean-Paul Desjardins. The specifications of the cathedral organ can be found HERE.

4. XI 2015
This week Les Productions Benedictus started negotiating the project’s presentation/concert tour.

28. X 2015
One more copy claimed! 78 remain.

27. X 2015
Frank Martin’s 6 Monologe aus Jedermann will be recorded in an organ arrangement by Alexandra Fol.
We are in the process of recruiting a flutist and a cellist to complete Ravel’s personnel for the Chansons Madécasses.
The recording date for repertoire with piano has been set for March 10th, 2016.
Les Productions Benedictus is in the process of securing a church for the recording of Casella’s, Ives’ and Martin’s works.

20. X 2015
The planning of the CD brochure contents is starting to crystalize. All works will be presented in brief in Bulgarian and in English. All texts will be presented in their original languages. The illustrated book will contain Nikolai Fol’s fables in the original Bulgarian and in an English translation.

15. X 2015
One more copy claimed! 79 remain.

14. X 2015
Two more copies claimed! A total of 80 remain.

5. X 2015
The instrumentalist will make her own organ transcription of the Four Songs by Charles Ives, that will transmit better the complexity and thickness of the original ensemble.

15. IX 2015
ELGEA, Inc and an anonymous contributor joined our sponsors!
Best rehearsal quote thus far: “May I tell everyone that you sight-read Fol better than you sight-read Dovrak? It would be good for my reputation”

14. IX 2015
Martin’s and Williams’ scores arrived in the mail. We seem to have a complete repertoire. A maximum of one other song cycle will be added.

28. VIII 2015
We are glad to announce that this week a new company joined the consortium of sponsors. Check the sponsors’ page for an announcement soon!
Also, Dvorak’s “Biblical songs” arrived in the mail! We now have half of the scores we need and can start rehearsing soon.