27. III 2017

On Monday, March 27th, 2017, Jean-Pierre Couturier and I were in ArtEfir on Bulgarian National Radio, which airs Mondays through Fridays between 12h30 and 14h00. Special thanks to the host, Valentina Mihailova, for her invitation.

Bulgarian National Radio link, includes Fables No. 3

Personal soundcloud link, file stops before Fables No. 3

1. X 2016

27. VII 2016
Evensi calendar

16 VI 2016& 17 VI 2016
“Interview with Nadelina Aneva” on Channel 3. Gusts: Valeria Fol and Alexandra Fol
Project Fables is discussed from 3’39 to 8’12

17 VI 2016
Plovdiv Television “Trakiya”, “TV University” programme. Guests: Valeria Fol, George Trak, Jean-Pierre Couturier, Alexandra Fol

16. VI 2016
Bulgarian National Radio! Listen to the long interview at the Allegro Vivace programme, produced by Irena Gadeleva

8 VI 2016
Focus New Agency

6 VI 2016

9. II 2016
Revue Laudem No. 52, p. 16, un aperçu du disque par Lucie Mayer
Revue_Laudem, preview

16. I 2016
Prof. Dr. Valeria Fol at Bulgarian national radio: “Night horizon” midnight to 2 AM, presents Fables2016. You can hear the excerpt by clicking HERE.

3. I 2016
La Presse+  “Le prêtre qui était cordonnier”