A luxury cultural product, Fables Poetry Psalms was released in June 2016 and comprises the following:

  • Two audio discs with 19th-21st c. repertoire for baritone and organ, including a new work by Alexandra Fol on recently discovered four fables by Nikolai Fol. The performers are Jean-Pierre Couturier (baritone) and Alexandra Fol (organ, piano).
  • A bilingual book. The book’s contents include Nikolai Fol’s fables in Bulgarian and English, a facsimile of the four fables and the musical score, as well as the artists’ biographies, other song texts and translations, and musical notes.
  • Never before published illustrations by Bulgarian painters and not yet seen portraits of N. Fol

Only one hundred numbered copies were published as collector’s items. The product is at CAN$ 100 a copy in Canada, 100 BGN in Bulgaria, and 100 Euros in the European Union. For purchasing information, please, click HERE

For a full list of sponsors and producers, please, click HERE




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